Suggestion for online validation


If I may so, I want to make a suggestion about online validation:

“Online Validation Counter”, it means that you enters the number of times that the end user can be “unvalidated” in a row.

Lets say, I allowed end user to be unvalidated 10 times in row that means that if he will be unvalidated 6 times and than in the next time he will be validate the counter will start over from 0.

of course after end user “complited” 10 unvalidated times in a row than I will select what will happens from the options that already exist in the XLS-Padlock.

this is a very useful function because once in a while end user will use his laptop without internet connection…

let me know what you think.
Thank you.

Why 6 times?

6 times is just an example that it needs to complete a 10 times in a row, and one time is that end user validate is enough to generate a new counter of 10.

what I meant is end user must be 10 times “unvalidated” in a row that it will generate a FALSE validation.

Basically, you want to allow X failed validations before another action is taken such as blacklisting. Is it correct?

yes but the X number of failed validations must be in a row for another action is taken such as blacklisting and close application.

Could you explain furthermore?

ok, I will start over because I think you didn’t understand me.

My suggestion is adding extra function that I can add X number of times (times=open EXE file) failed validations before another action taken.

Lets say I want to close the EXE file if end user is not valid, but because its very “easy” to be not valid (for example, if there is no internet connections) if I close my end user EXE every time he does not have an internet connections he can be very angry with me :), but if I set the “X number of failed validations in a row” to 4 (for example), my end user can still work on the EXE file even if in that point he do not have an internet connections.
but counting the numbers of times that end user can be not valid MUST be in a row because thats reduces the chance that this end user trying to avoid internet connections deliberately.

P.S - while I’m writing this I think maybe its even better that the X variable is the number of times that end user can open the file without internet connections (in a row).

Sure, we could add something like that. We put your suggestion on the TODO list.


on the same topic, I started to write VBA code for handling what I suggest in this topic, and use your VBA snippet that checks if the end user had a succsesful validation or not, and then I realised that if I had one more “snippet” that returns if the end user has internet connections or not I can make more efficient Algoritam.

if I have information that the reason the end user got FALSE from the Validation snippet is becuase he didnt have internet connections I can give him more “grace days” to use my file, but if he got FALSE but he has internet connections that means that i cancel his order and my file will close Immediatly.

What do you think ?

Sure, maybe you can check whether an Internet connection is available directly from VBA:

I already tried to do it with VBA but I didn’t find a code that works for 32 BIT and 64 BIT, and believe me I search the all web :slight_smile: .

Yes, bitness can be a problem.

Yes, problem for VBA developers I know, but it is possible for you to create a XlsPadlock “snippet” that check Internet connections ? can you do it ?

Thank you !!

We’ll see whether this is possible.