Suggestion - validation by date (day and month) and/or number of days after activation

Hi Support,

Just would like to suggest to add options to do validation by:

  • date (day and month). For example, every 1st of each month, or every 15th of each month, or every 15th of July, or every 1st of January of each year, or etc.
  • number of days after activation. For example, user activated their exe file and every 30 days, or 90, or 360 days, or etc, it does the validation.

Cheers (can mark as solved after you read this).

We’ll add the “every X days” option for validation. Thanks!

It’s available in XLS Padlock 2018. Please upgrade.

Thanks for the update. I can see the option to validate the activation state for ‘Every X days’. But, where is the place to put the X value?

Hey support- may i get your attention to my question please?

Fixed in V2018.1 thanks to your report! Thank you :wink: