SWF's getting other content

I’m working on a piece that has a SWF module that takes in an XML and the imports in another SWF based on the parameters on embed. The XML seems to be loading fine, but when it comes to the external SWF loading, there doesn’t seem to be any load happening, the progress bar (in the main SWF) doesn’t show any progress and hangs.

Does ExeOutput for PHP handle this type of scenario, or do I need to rearrange my SWF objects?

It’s possible that the Flash engine tries to download the other SWF file directly, without calling our pluggable protocol. Have you tried to enable DEBUG log to see what files are requested?

Well, I’m doing this with the Trident Engine, so I’m not able to use the debugger for this instance.

I’m having a hard time finding where to enable the DEBUG log, can you give some insight on where to access this?

I’ve put in the check boxes, and even tried to create some errors in the requests, but I’m not seeing anything in the log file. I even caused a few errors to make sure that it was working properly. The the primary .swf is still not able to load in the secondary .swf’s for some reason.

Thank you for helping me understand how to enable the log files. I’ve had to go through so much of the documentation in a short amount of time, it’s made my head spin a little.

Anyway, the primary swf is taking in an absolute URL to access the files. I’m doing this through the http://heserver/ protocol. What is the different between that protocol and the ghe://heserver/? I tested both and the ghe protocol isn’t working for what we are doing.