Terminal Server

How does XLS Padlock work with hardware locking if a client has terminal server?
Also if a customer wants 2 users to share the files they create how do I give each of them hardware locked activation?

If the customer can launch EXE file and has Excel on the Terminal Server, there is no special reason why it wouldn’t work.

XLS Padlock hasn’t been designed for editing a document at the same time, but it is possible to share changes between users: you actually share XLSC files (which are encrypted XLS files).

These XLSC files are created by the EXE file made with XLS Padlock: the EXE file opens your protected workbook when you run it. Then, you can make changes and save them as a secure save in XLSC format. When you click Save in Excel, you are prompted to save a XLSC file. That’s how they are created.
When you start the EXE file again, you can choose to load an existing XLSC file.

To share XLSC files between users, both users must use the same EXE file.User A can then send his XLSC save to user B, user B edits it and sends changes back to user A. And so on.

Just generate a new hardware locked activation key for the client. If you use our WooCommerce Integration Kit, you can remove existing activations in the associated order.