Testimonials and examples of commercial applications

I have not found any commercial application created with xlspadlock on the internet. I would like to evaluate some trial versions. Please give me some hints. Maybe some authors are interested in writing a testimonial?

We don’t publish lists of our customers without approval. A lot of them use XLS Padlock for internal stuff.

I didn’t expect gdgsoft to publish a customer list, but I was hoping some other forum users (michenerpark, gweilo_2, matrixmind, rcipolla,…) would provide me with a few websites where xlspadlock protected applications are offered.

I sell a commercial application using XLS Padlock as my excel protector/compiler and as well the joint program Paquet Builder to distribute. I have had no issues with XLS Padlock or others that run the software I distribute and find it very simple and effective to use with some good features. Only issue that I found is my customers have different versions of Excel and the older the version the more challenging it gets when you add a lot of VBscripts and macros. If your able to test your XLS apps on Excel ver 2007 and up you will find the XLS Padlock works on them all very well. My site is performancefunnel.com.

My Testimony

Thank you for your testimonial!

Thanks gweilo_2! Didn’t find a trial on your website however.