The ability to use a unique identifier in the project

Hello dear developers!
Is it possible in HTML Executable to take steps like this:

  1. Get the unique identifier of the user’s computer as a variable.
  2. Use this variable as a parameter (Get / Post) of the request to the site.
  3. Is it possible to make such a request (in JavaScript) from a local computer to an online site?

I would be grateful for your answer and advice if this can be done.

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Sure, you need to call HEScript and store the value into a global variable.
Copy/paste this code into the UserMain script:

procedure SetUniqueID;
SetGlobalVar("MyUniqueID", MD5OfAString("MySystemID" + GetManualHardwareID(2)), False);

then invoke JavaScript to read the value of the MyUniqueID global variable. And use JavaScript to pass the value to your remote script.

We are currently updating the documentation of HTML Executable to the new Chromium engine, so the code to retrieve global variables in JavaScript is a bit different than in the current doc.

Thank you very much for your consultation.
I will study and try!