The Search Results always shows "0" occurrence(s) (0%)

The Search Results always shows “0” occurrence(s) (0%)
Please help!

This means that the search index may be empty. Check the compilation log: the number of indexed words is displayed. What is the number?

Generating data for the Search Engine:
Default charset: UTF-16LE

  • Parsing HTML pages to collect keywords…
  • Generating index for the search engine…
    148 files(s) were indexed.
    126545 unique word(s) were found.
  • Adding search engine components…

See above Please

Is it possible for you to send us your EXE file for review? And HEPX file?

If I search for number or English letter, it can shows occurrence(s) correctlly.
But when I search for Traditional Chinese, the Search Results always shows “0” occurrence(s) (0%)

Please also see Cannot search Chinese characters

Try to change these options:

I have checked the box “use default word delimiters…” and "Automatically split CJK…"
The Result even got worse. I cannot search any Traditional Chinese character, but I can search numbers and English letters.

Please see above

Please could you send us some HTML pages that let us reproduce the problem? If yes, you can zip them and upload them to
This is a free file hosting service: after upload, they will give you a URL. Please send us this URL so that we can download the Zip archive.

And are you using the last version of HTMLEXE, 4.9.1?