Third Party Protection Softwarte

We are getting this error when we try to protect the .exe made from exeoutput for PHP

error: “Has an Incorrect PE format”

We also notice that all of the third party software we have tried can not protect ExeOutput for PHP 1.7 and 2.0.

Please what is it that can be done to fix this and can you recommend any third-party we can usefor protect. Thanks

What software protector did you try? We recommend Obsidium at

We have tested the Obsidium but it cant protect either of the exeoutput for PHP. Please kindly help us suggest other possible third party application that can do this. Thanks

It won’t work with ExeOutput 1.7 but it should with ExeOutput 2 EXE files.

Hello support
Obsidium software protection API wont work with UPX as the exe compressor , so I disabled the UPX compressor in Application Output / Deployment and now the produced exe file is 10% larger.
After reading the Obsidium web site, I am assuming that the key process for security that Obsidium software protection API is Obfuscation of the scripting code. Is there any other advantages to its use? without getting into the Obfuscation processors?
The installation program has to also install the obsidium.dll in the installed application folder.

Obsidium does not obfuscate PHP source code. For that, you have the option of encrypting PHP files in ExeOutput. However, Obsidium brings additional tools such as licensing options, trial expiration and so on.
The obsidium.dll is unnecessary once you protected the EXE file with Obsidium. No need to distribute it.

Thanks Support for that clear answer. The security we already have in the ExeOutput exe is fairly good from what I understood; you can obvuscate all the php and java files then have them encrypted before compilation. Do you agree or is there a benefit to using Obsidium for extra security if I don’t need the management consul of Obsidium ?

No, there is no additional benefit.