Time bombed publications

Hi there.

I’m a little confuddled as to how to apply the time bombed facility in my publication. I have many pages which are set to default so that they can always be viewed even before registration. However, the majority of the pages are hidden behind a registered certificate.
This has worked fine up till now, but I would like to offer clients the chance to see the whole publication for a limited time only, unless they apply the registration key in which case the publication would remain unlocked.
After reading the documentation a couple of times it seems that I have to apply the time bomb to the default certificate.
Is this correct?
However, to make this effective I have to set all my pages to the default certificate. So how can they be opened by registration?
Like I said, I’m a little confuzzled.

Also, when I set the certificate to 1 day the splash screen says that it will expire in 3 days!

Yes, apply the timebomb to the Default certificate. But you don’t have to set all of your pages to it. Only the homepage should be set to the Default certificate in your case so that the timebomb is checked at startup when the homepage is displayed.

Be sure to reset your trial state with: