Title bar custom menu

Is it possible to place custom menu in title bar next to logo?

Could you take a screenshot of where exactly you would like to have a custom menu?

Here you have photoshop behind and my app over.
As you can see the title bar in photoshop contains the main dropdown menu. This is a precious extra space I need for my app.

I want to move the main menu in my app to the exeoutput title bar next to logo.

We could certainly add a menu button as in HTMLEXE. But the entire menu bar in the title, we’ll have to check whether this can be made thanks to the skin engine.

Take in consideration that my menu is not in the exeouput menubar, my menu is made in html inside of html tag, Exeouput menubar is not in use.

However, any idea to use my custom menu in the titlebar will be welcome.

Thank you!