Transfer control to another php program

I need the capability to transfer control from a PHP program to another PHP program with access to session variables. Both programs should be in the same build.

Is there support in ExeOutput for the following type of construct or some other way to transfer control to another PHP program?

 $_SESSION'qlist'] = $qlist;  
 header('location: location of PHP program executable');    


A good way to share data between two programs made with ExeOutput for PHP is to save session data into an external file. What I recommend you is to store the value of your $_SESSION or even $qlist variable into an external file (see, and load it in the 2nd program.
To start a 2nd program compiled with ExeOutput for PHP, this 2nd program must be an EXE. You’ll have to use an HEScript script combined with PHP (use exo_runhescriptcom ( string $script )), see the sample: