Trial Edition keeps coming up after inserting valid registration key

Even after accepting correct registration code (and ‘success’ message) applications that have been working forever suddenly keep starting up in trial mode!!!

Possibly linked. Previous to this was getting message to the effect that the application had been generated with the trial version of HTMLEXE which was incorrect as I have the paid-for version. Re-entered my original registration code for HTMLExe and was asked to restart my computer (with message that HTML app was already registered)
Afterwards able to recompile the apps with no error messages but problem stated above showed up on running the apps and inserting registration codes generated for my computer Id. (and have studiously used “RESET” before each recompile)

What error message do you get to say that they are in trial mode?

The message was on starting up an application (.exe file) generated with HTMLExe. It was the same message as when I initially tried out HTMLExe a warning that “this application was created with the trial version of HTMLExe…” or words to that effect.

I have since reloaded from my disc and re-entered my password and problem has disappeared. We’ll never know what caused it!

Thanks for your reply all the same.