Trial Version nag screen for XLS Padlock

I am getting this nag screen after building a new file. How do I get rid of it? When I click on Enter Activation Code it shows that I am already activated. I purchased version 2018 in June of last year and upgraded to 2019.0 back in April. I have not upgraded to 2019.1 because my maintenance has expired.

I want to make sure that my builds are not going to expire after 1 week and that I can safely deploy my update.


Please enter your activation code again because the nag screen indicates that you are running the trial. If the error persists, try to close all software and restart your computer.

I didn’t see a place to enter my activation code. When I clicked “Enter Activation Code” it had 3 green lights and no box to enter a code.


Also, where do I find my activation code? I logged in to my account and could not find it.

Please uninstall and reinstall XLS Padlock. And before reinstall, make sure to delete the folder where you installed it if it still exists.