Trial Versions vs. Paid Versions

This is probably a dumb question, but if I want to have a full-functioning trial version and then a paid version of the same thing that does not expire, do they have to have different Application Master Keys?

I don’t want my customers to have to download twice. When the trial expires, can I just send them an new activation key that does not expire?

Also, can the trial key be non-hardware locked and the paid version be hardware locked without them having to download a different file with a different Application Master Key?

You can create keys with the trial flag and keys without it. Keys with the trial flag will show the nag screen.

Yes, that was one of our goals when we designed the activation system.

Yes, same as before. You can hardware-lock keys if you enter a system ID in the key generator. If you don’t want them to be hardware-locked, just uncheck the option and leave the system ID blank.

Great. Thanks.

I created a key that expires, but when it expires it doesn’t prompt to go buy a key. It just says they need a new activation key. Also, I need for the Hardware ID to be displayed so they can send it to me.

Is there no way to modify the screen that comes up that requests the activation key? The only place I see that is on the Online Activation section, which I am not using.

You can modify the text that is displayed by customizing the English.sil file available in the XLS Padlock folder, save your changes to a new file and indicate the path to this file in the Localization page of XLS Padlock.

Great. Thanks. I’ll give it a try. I’m still working on getting the WooCommerce thing to work, so if I can’t get that working today, I’ll try what you just suggested.