TStringList error on 1.5 (SOLVED)

OK I found the problem, you need to add "uses Classes; " to the top of the script file

When using the new version (1.5) I get the following error on compilation:

Unknown identifier or variable is not declared: ‘TStringList’.

The line that corresponds with this code is:

T:= TStringList.Create;

This error does not occur with the previous version.

The full procedure is below:

procedure SaveFile(SaveAs: boolean);
SF, S: String;
T: TStringList;
// Retrieves the data saved by the JavaScript.
S := GetGlobalVar(“datatosave”, “”);
//if S = “” then exit;
// Asks for filename
SF := GetGlobalVar(“currentfilename”, “”);
if (SF = “”) or (SaveAs = true) then SF := SaveFileDialog(“Save As”, “File1.g5s”, “.g5s", "Group 5 Subcontractor Files (.g5s)|*.g5s”, “” );

if SF = “” then exit; // User cancelled.

// Saves to a file
T:= TStringList.Create;
T.Text := S;

SetGlobalVar(“currentfilename”, SF, false);