.txt split 2 headlines?


I have many (around 1000) .txt files with data of a measurement, which is remeassureing the same thing again and again. So I use Gsplit to split the .txt after each 490 lines.
I use “insert additional header to pieces” and it work all fine so far. But the problem is, that i actually have 2 headerlines in the file (and I need them for working further with the data) and therefore I have to delete one of these lines and afterwards copying just one line in all of these files. Cause that are so many files i would like to do this somehow automatically.
Is there any way that I can tell the programm it should take these 2 lines instead of just 1 line as headline?

Otherwise is it possible to add a line in every .txt afterwards with gsplit or an other programm?

Thanks for your help and sorry for my bad english. I hope you understand my problem.

The “insert additional header to pieces” feature also supports special characters so you can use this to specify two header lines instead of one.

 Line header 10x0D0x0ALine header 20x0D0x0A

The 0x0D0x0A combination is the marker for a new line (called CRLF).

See http://www.gdgsoft.com/gsplit/help/Split_Options.htm for further info