Unable to add online activation into the project

As soon as I enter the path to online activation kit and click OK, HTMLEXE shuts down immediately without any message or warning. Any suggestions what may cause this?

Looked like a third-party provider problem.

Could you please try the following temp build?


Open the HTML Executable folder in Windows Explorer, backup the existing HEBUILD.EXE file and unzip the previous archive to the folder. Overwrite HEBUILD.EXE if required.

Then start the program and retry.

Hi @gdgsupport

Thanks. This fix works and solves the problem of HTMLEXE crash after clicking ok in the online activation dialog. Will you be able to include it in the original installation package?

Also, there are quite a few bugs (not that serious but annoying). I was wondering if there’s a bug tracker system to report them.


No, there is no bug tracker system. Use this forum, create a new topic and post them. We’ll then include your reports in our internal system.
And yes, the fix will be included in next update 4.9.3. It will be available after the release of ExeOutput 2018.2.

This fix works. But I have a different problem now. When I try to activate, I get an error message saying that the online activation was not successful. Newertheless, I see that one activation is deducted, and system ID is recorded in the database.

Hi @dai and @gdgsupport

This has not happened to my clients.

What has happened though, is that sometimes the app displays the message that activation was successful (and indeed when you check out the Protect eBook client the activation had been successful) but when the client restarts the app it’s not activated. When we increase the number of activations from 0 to 1 and the client tries again it works fine.

Also, sometimes the apps seem to deactivate on their own without having been directed to validate activation. It’s not a major issue, though.

P.S. I should mention that after I set the online activation settings, I close the project and restore the original .exe and publish.

The key returned by the server may not be accepted by the ebook. Verify that your settings are correct.

Here is the problem. I can activate successfully online only if “short keys” option is unchecked.

Indeed, the HTML Executable Activation Kit doesn’t handle “short keys”. Thanks for the tip!
BTW is there a specific reason for using short keys with online activation?

With online activation, there is no need for short keys, but online deactivation and license validation do not work properly either. Every time validation happens, I get a message stating “HTTP error code 404”. After I close the windows, the program continues normally. The same story with deactivation. Also, I am unable to reactivate with the different key. “Reset” option alone did not work. I had to reset, compile with the short key enabled, re-compile with short keys disable. After that I was able to re-activate compiled application.

Update: I had hedeactive and hevalid files missing. I uploaded them, but not it is HTTP error code 500.

Check your log files for the reason of the HTTP error 500.

The log shows that my exe is trying to access heactive with code status 200, and then hevalid with code status 500. Nothing else.

File permissions are set to 664.I have no clue why activation goes OK, but validation is not.

So, I replaced my activation file, with works fine with the original activation file from the activation kit, and I get the same error 500 upon activation.

500 means internal server error due to PHP. You have to enable your PHP error log on your server and see what’s happening inside the log.