Unable to clear custom header after it was set

If I set a custom header and subsequently clear the custom header flag I get an error every time I try to execute the split:

“You enabled the option to insert a custom header in pieces but no header was specified (Other Properties page).”

The option is not actually enabled anymore. I have to start over with a fresh profile to run without a custom header after this.

I’m using GSplit 3.0.1.

Thanks for the bug report.

Sorry, to necro this thread after 9 years, but this bug is still present in GSplit because latest version is the same (3.0.1).

It looks like the last update was nearly 15 years ago on February 12, 2009. (date also confirmed by a 2/15/2009 archive of the GSplit changelog page)

I don’t mean this to sound harsh, as this is an excellent free program, so I know we aren’t entitled to any updates at all. But if it does get back on your radar for a quality of life patch, this issue would be a good one to fix. Thanks!

Thanks for your feedback. When we get enough time, we’ll update GSplit. But nowadays, we have to be focused on our commercial products.