Unactivate purchased EXE file


Is there a way for a user to deactivate a exe distributed file and download it onto another computer and reactivate it?

Yes, it’s possible: the new XLS Padlock offers a “Enter Key…” button on the welcome screen, or in case you don’t use that screen, you can run the EXE file with the “-enterkey” switch, like:
myworkbook.exe -enterkey

Can I get a example in how this is done?

For if user makes a purchase but request money back it be good to deactivate the exe file so that can’t use it or to simple delete it from one computer to transfer the use of the exe to a different computer.

Be great to have this feature in Padlock. In
Welcome screen ask for users name & email address. Then it saves and stores it with padlock and their is a deactivate feature in padlock where you can pull up users name & their activation key comes up and then a deactivate button is clicked on the owner side and boom the users exe file is now deactivated & not working on their computer.

Deactivation is a feature we planned for a next release. Currently, when someone requests to transfer their license on a new computer, you have to trust your customer and allow it. Using validation feature of XLS Padlock anyway lets you check whether the customer shared their activation key with someone else.

How does one do a validation feature within XLS? If not using online activation.

Validation requires online activation.

Anyway online activation be done with SendOwl?

Since they have an API, yes, that should be possible. We could start from our activation kit and add a call to their API to verify that the order with SendOwl is valid or not.


How can you direct me in setting things up?

We’ll do some research on our side first.


Be great to also be able to deactivate someone software to if they wanna download it onto a different computer