Uninstall does not work

I am installing an Internet Explorer bho which contains a setup.exe and a msi file
The setup works fine but the uninstall part of Paquet Builder doesn’t work.
First It did not removed a registry entry that I entered thru Paquet Builder with AddUninstRef checked
Then I added a display message at all the uninstaller events
Never seen any messages while uninstalling my bho
Please advise
Asher Szmulewicz

There is a confusion: you’re using Paquet Builder to run a setup.Exe + MSI installer. So Paquet Builder’s uninstaller will only remove the two files you packaged: setup.Exe + MSI installer.
It’s your MSI installer that installs your BHO, so it’s your MSI installer that should uninstall it.
If you want the uninstaller to launch the MSI uninstall process, you can use custom actions: add a custom action to call msiexec.exe to remove your MSI changes.

I just want the uninstall of paquet builder to remove a registry key that I added thru a custom action during the install of paquet builder with AddUninstRef checked
I understand that the the MSI Installer is responsible for installing the BHO and removing the BHO when uninstalling
but I thought that what was added by paquet builder would be removed by paquet builder while uninstalling
I am right?
Asher Szmulewicz

Yes, the key should be removed.
There are some conditions however: it must be empty and not existing when running the package. Please ensure that the key did not exist when running the package, otherwise it will be left.
You can also force key removal by adding a custom action “add an uninstaller command” to delete key OR in the Uninstaller events, by adding a “Remove registry key” custom action.