Unknown Publisher or "Éditeur Inconnu" (SOLVED)

Thank you for your quick reply. I will have to consider buying a Microsoftt authenticode digital certificate.
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I have built a PC CD-Rom using the recommended ID / User / Organization and Product Key. Then I copied my files on a CD using NERO 9. During the reinstallation on the computer, I received the message: “Éditeur inconnu” or Unknown Publisher. Does this message relate to the fact that my publication has not been Microsoft Authenticoded, since I have not bought a certificate for the publication? Is there a way to erase that message while configuring the CD?
Thank you.

You are right, only files digitally signed with Authenticode will not show this Unknown publisher warning. See
There is no other way to disable this warning, certainly for security reasons.

Certificates are cheaper when you use resellers:
See https://author.tucows.com/index.php?action=auth&redirect=certs.php
and an interesting article at http://successfulsoftware.net/2008/02/27/the-great-digital-certificate-ripoff/

Thank you for the information, I have looked it up and your are right!