Unlock code requested when over 20+ models are installed

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I have created 24+ excel models, they operate autonomously and are sold singly or as a bundle and operate as series. I use ‘Pbuilder’ to compile each model in the series. Having experienced a few problems with the online validation, I am using manual unlock codes for each model install. Each model will install and operate perfectly, however after 20+ models have been installed (Windows10) the model being installed at that time is OK but using a previous model that was OK now requests an unlock code! Re-entering the unlock code back into that particular model sorts the immediate problem for that model, but then it has actually taken the place of another model in the series and when you go back to that model it asks for the unlock again!

It would therefore appear that there is a maximum number of codes being stored in the windows registry and no more will be accepted is this true? We have replicated this problem on other PC’s and its becoming a real pain.

Are you using activation keys that have an expiration date or limited run/time?


Thanks for coming back to me, much appreciated.

I can confirm that the keys generated for all model variants are unique to that model and have no time or usage restrictions.

I have just checked this problem once again to be absolutely sure and it would appear that the maximum number of keys (relating to individual models) is infact 19 (…not 20 as indicated). After this number of models has been reached any further models installed will result in that model working correctly (upon installation and validation) however, this results in the previously installed model (which was validated with its key and was working OK up that point) will then request an Unlock code.

As I have 24 models in my model set the above problem as described is a real problem for me.

I am currently testing the above with a PC with MS Windows 10 (inc. the latest updates) and MS Office 365 (latest version with updates).

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So do they share the same settings in XLS Padlock?

This has taken time to sort out but gdgsupport you were right!. 4 models shared the same settings!. I have since changed the settings and re-compiled the workbooks - everything is fine now - phew!. The lesson learned here is that when using cloned settings it is easy to fall into this problem.

Thanks for the support much appreciated.

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