Unsupported cef version

since a few days a go, clients when try to install they receive “unsupported cef version” error.
Does anyone knows what is about?



Which version of ExeOutput did you use to build the EXE file for your clients?

Recently, one of my customers has reported the exactly same error, ’ Unsupported CEF version’.
The app was compiled by ExeOutput for PHP 2020.2, and the customer’s windows is 8.1.

Unsupported CEF version !
Use only the CEF binaries specified in the CEF4Delphi
Readme,md file at https://github.com/salvadordf/CEF4Delphi
Expected libcef,dll version :
Found libcef.dll version :

Unexpected launch error code 6.

In my environment (windows 10), this kind of error never happened.
Any suggestions or helps are appreciated.

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Is this important issue resolved, please, I need to launch new software…

Thank-you for your time,

No, we were unable to reproduce it. Still trying though.

Maybe doing something in Rendering Engine configuration ?