Updated content on wiki pages lost on exit


I’m using wiki software (pmwiki.org), which does not have a SQL database, but rather uses a flatfile system. I’d like for users to be able to edit/update pages, just as you would on a normal wiki website… i.e. open a page, edit the page, click “save” and save the page.

This actually works fine while I’ve got the executable running, the pages are saving, I can navigate away from them and come back, and they are still showing the new updated content. But when I exit the executable and then open it again, all changes are lost, and the pages are just as they were before editing.

Is there a setting I can choose when compiling that will allow changes to become permenant?


It’s because your flat files are certainly compiled in the EXE, aren’t they? In that case, they are virtually available, can be modified but changes are lost when the EXE closes.

You must then keep them outside the EXE, in the Data subfolder. See the “Accessing Files” page in the General Demo that ships with ExeOutput. It explains you with samples about how it works.