Updates to spreadsheet locked with XLS Padlock


I have a spreadsheet that I locked with XLS Padlock that the end user updates with their individual information on 1 sheet. This sheet links to formulas throughout the spreadsheet.

If I make changes or upgrades to the spreadsheet, how can my end user update their spreadsheet, but keep their customized items on the one sheet?

Is there a macro that I can write to do that in a locked .exe file?


Other customers do this: they save cell values entered by their own customers to a third-party workbook (without any VBA nor formulas), just plain values. They implement some Load/Save Data mechanism.
Thus, you can update your secure workbook without the problem you mentioned.


I apologize, I have no idea what this means. I am not a programmer at all. I don’t need you to write code for me, but can you give me more of a step by step explanation of what needs to happen? I can then probably figure out the code to make it happen.