Updating Compiled .exe content while plugged on INTERNET

I came across your application and think it will serve my desired purpose in compiling an HTML site into a Portable USB Flash drive with the default features as stated by you but will also need this additional features if available or can be provided as an add-ons.

  1. A situation where the user of the USB can always update the content of the read-only flash drive whenever he /she plugs the flash drive into a computer that is connected to the INTERNET.
  2. The compiled content (ebook) will prompt for update checking and if available the user can update from 100 pages to 101 above (i.e) and subsequently from the internet
    I will be looking forward to hearing from you soonest.

The problem is that EXE files built with HTML Executable can’t patch themselves after compilation. If you wish to create an application that downloads content from a website and store it for offline display, you could create this in PHP and use ExeOutput for PHP to compile the code into an EXE file. See http://www.exeoutput.com

I have the ExeOutPut for PHP installed on my laptop but there is no place where i can find such feature. Can u please send me a link or documentation on how to achieve that with your software.

This feature is not built-in: you have to write the necessary PHP scripts to download and store data locally yourself.

Is it now possible for the content of what is on compiled .exe using HTML Executable be updated via internet if the source is updated.

I.e I make any changes on my PC while connected to internet, will it prompt the users to update as well when they are connected to internet?

Can a compiled html executable file be updated via internet if changes is made on my local pc?

I don’t understand your query sorry.

No, you’ll have to rebuild the EXE with HTML EXECUTABLE and upload it to your server.