Upgrade to a users version of software

I have a software package that has Free, Lite, and Full versions.
If I sell the Lite version to someone is there a way using Parquet Builder to have him upgrade to the Full version on the same computer … or if he has the previous registration code?

It doesn’t have this feature built-in but it’s possible to create it with custom actions, like the following scheme:

  1. Place your different files for Free, Lite, and Full into different Components thanks to the File Manager. And note the Component Variables used.
  2. Ask the user for some password for instance or key (ask user CA).
  3. Check the value provided and depending on it, use Component Variables to define which component - Free, Lite, or Full – should be unpacked by the package.

Of course, you should encrypt files (and filenames) with a strong password, and have the package store the key. Thus, the user must run the EXE in order to extract files (otherwise, 7-zip can be used to unpack the SFX archive since it can recognize packages made with Paquet Builder).