URL for AJAX call to local PHP file


before buying ExeOutput for PHP, I have to solve this problem. For my circumstance it is important to call a local PHP file via AJAX and receive the results. (because PHP should do something with the data)

I always got Error 404 - file not found, when I call getdata.php via AJAX.

Simple build up - 3 files:

url: 'http://heserver/getdata.php',        
type: "post",        
async: true,

My question:
How to set the AJAX URL to a local PHP file in ExeOutput for PHP?

Thank you very much.

Which version of ExeOutput are you using?

I’v downloaded the software last week, Version is 2018.1.

Where did put the getdata.php and getAndPost.js ?
In Data Folder outside of software or inside the software ?

If inside the software so replace as follow:

url: ‘getdata.php’,