Usage of Directive file clean the custom actions from the template project

Version 3.6.1 (Full featured evaluation)

I try to use a Directive file to customize a project in an automatic deployment solution. I found that the my Custom Actions defined in the template project file disappeared when the Directive file is loaded.

In the template project:

Loaded via the directive file:

Is this the desired behavior or a bug? I appreciate any help.

Could someone from the support team check this? Is there any chance to get help with this issue?

Looks like a bug, we’re tracking it down to see why this happens.

We checked and there is no general bug. Custom actions remain when a directive file is opened with a project template. Maybe this problem is specific to the Directive file you’re trying to run and cause an internal error.
Could you please send us the .PBD file for review?

Finally I found the problem:

In my directive file, I had: ProjectTemplate={$PBDIRECTPATH$}test-template.pbpx
In this case, the variable {$PBDIRECTPATH$} is not resolved and the template is not loaded. Also no warning, nor error message.

Using absolute path, the template loads correctly.

Is it intentional, that the {$PBDIRECTPATH$} is not working for defining the ProjectTemplate ?

We found the error: you forgot to include the backslash. All variables in PB never include a directory backslash.
Try this: