User-Choice if Publication starts in System-Tray or Window

Yes, you could create a custom HTML dialog box and read the value of the radio button. See

You have a custom dialog sample in the “CustomDialogs” subfolder of HTML Executable.

Hello GdG-Support

I want to give the user the possibility to choose whether he wants to start the Publication in a Window or directly into the System-Tray (as a Tray-Icon).
I was thinking of a Radio-Button with an associated HE-Script-procedure or something like that. Is there any way to realize such a functionality?

Thanks, Alex

Thanks, I know about the customs-dialog boxes.
What I’m struggling with is: What values do I have to work with to determine if a Publication starts in Windows-Mode or in SystemTray?

After some research, you could work with the following HEScript code but tray icon option must be of course enabled!

// Set minimized on start.
SetUIProp(“spTrayIcon1”,“MinimizedOnStart”, “True”);

// Check if minimized:

Other possibilities:

To minimize/maximize form to/from tray: