Using curl with PHP 7 [SOLVED]

Been fighting an curl issue with php7 and after few days decided to try php5.6. My app started working without any issues. Switch back to php7 and issue reappears.

After many online searches ended up on good ole stackoverflow. Many threads later see talk of wrong versions of libssh2.dll to libeay32.dll and ssleay32.dll for php7 can cause php7 curl issues.

So, before I pull out the rest of my hair, are we certain that libssh2.dll to libeay32.dll and ssleay32.dll are correct versions?

Any input much appreciated.


The versions of those programs in the PHP runtimes for ExeOutput match the versions I have in standalone versions of PHP 5.6 and 7.1. However, I’m seeing the same thing that you are. A program that works in PHP 5.6 doesn’t work in PHP 7.1 in ExeOutput. But it Does work in a standalone version of PHP 7.1.

Hey Dave!

That is a good test. Did not think to test in standalone version. Thanks for tip.

Took my app and reconfigured for local server running PHP 7.1 and works without issues. But does not work in exeout so must be something within exeout configuration.

Can’t seem to get any curl working that worked in older versions of exeout. Took some older projects that were working before and 2.1.0 destroys them:frowning:

Guess at the mercy of support to get working but get tired of waiting, may take weeks/months:)

I double checked and installed PHP version 7.1.5 standalone and it works fine with curl. It’s ExeOutput that is screwing up.

It’s a confirmed bug. They added a new DLL dependency in cURL for PHP 7.1.

Please download the following DLL (in Zip, unpack it) and place the DLL in the folder where your EXE lies. Then CURL will load fine.

We’ll add the new dependency to ExeOutput for the next update

In my compiled app/exe folder or in program files folder with Exo4Php.exe ?

Assume in my complied exe folder. BUT, still not working as did when using EXEOut V2.

Better with the nghttp2.dll and getting further along but choking on simple string:


Sure hope we can get CURL back working, pretty much dead in the water when using latest EXEOut. Hoping you would consider this a high priority since CURL is very popular:)

I hope that’s soon. Most of my projects use cURL.

Windows 7 is telling me that is not a valid archive. ??

Same here. Used 7Zip and unzipped but still threw error. Something like not zip archive used 7z.

I downloaded the next to the last version of 7-zip and it opened it fine. Put it in the directory and my cURL program ran fine.

Happy to report that all is working correctly now.

Having some issues with PHP 7.1 but think the issue are not directly related to exeout.

Thanks for all the input.

Is it possible to compile the DLL into the EXE instead of in folder with the EXE?

I tried so assuming no, but was hoping you had tip that would allow. Need all DLL’s in the EXE or cannot distribute my software to some schools, which means my business is dead in water waiting on real fix.

Come on guys, it has been many days and still no new update to fix curl. Very important feature.

We got some delay in order to fix the access violation error that pops up sometimes. A tricky error but finally it seems to be solved. We’re finishing usual tests and the release will be out. Monday if everything goes fine. Sorry for the delay!

My fingers are crossed and much anticipation:)


Trying my best to be optimistic:) But I have a demonstration to present on Friday and love to use EXEOut but, looking like Monday has passed. Should I just forget about EXEOut for now and use my old way of creating exe for my school software?

Have a business to run and need the income to survive:)

We can send you a pre-release if you want. We modified the entire UI of ExeOutput to take account of high DPI screens and multi-monitor computers, and there are still some glitches that must be fixed before the final release. So, we delayed it to next Monday. However, UI glitches shouldn’t be a problem for you if you are in such a hurry.

That might work, send me a link over.

Not that I am in a hurry, just got business to take care of. Hopefully have enough time left to get demo project ready:)

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