Using Environment variable %USERPROFILE%


I am evaluating Paquet Builder for building a self extracting exe and find it supports most of what I need. I have run into one issue though.

Our Software is going to be used by a few users running windows using Parallels on Mac. For such user the Desktop, Downloads, MyDocuments etc is mapped to a network path to mac. This is done by parallels so that Mac OS and Windows are both sharing the same desktop etc.

I want to give the default location of extraction to users Desktop but then because of the above its getting installed on the network path. I want it to physically get installed to C:/Users/Desktop

To be able to do that is I tried using a variable like %USERPROFILE% thinking that it would resolve to the environment variable but that does not seem to work.

I tried %APPDATADIR%…\Desktop for this and it worked but will be confusing to the end user.

My question is is there a way I can add a custom variable that resolved to environment variable like %USERPROFILE%

I think it will be a good addition to the software to pick any environment variable not just whats listed on the global variables.

Mohit Mathew.


Fortunately, the feature you requested already exist. It’s the “Perform operation on a variable” custom action that can read environment variables:

The resulting variable is set to the value read from the Windows environment variable specified by Value. For instance “TEMP” will return the default temporary folder.


Thanks for the quick response… I was able to create a custom variable
during the initialization and use it.



Now available in Paquet Builder 2018