Using Java Applets with HTML Executable 4 [SOLVED]

Hello, I have licensed HTML Executable 4.
I try to compile a page with embedded JavaApplet into IE-application. I’v followed this guide: I’v enabled Build-In Server (Application Behavior/Built-in Server), configured .JAR filed to be served with build-in server (Application Behavior/Content Filetypes). But when I start compiled ebook, It failed with Java Class Not Found Exception. Necessary screenshots are attached with my message.
Thanks a lot for any help, guys.

Did you try to add your JAR and other related files to the HTML page’s “Dependency” section: see ?

Thanks for reply. I’v tried both variants to add JAR to HTML page: with using “Content Filetypes”, with using “Dependency” and even two variants at the same time. But result is the same.

Some info about my host:
OS Windows 7 Version 6.1.7601
JAVA 1.7.0_15
Internet Explorer 9.0.8112

I’v also tried to launch my ebook on Windows XP, Java 1.6 and IE 6 installed. All the same.

I’v sucessfully included SWF into HTML with HTML EXE and very surprised with JAR-related problems.

Any reply or some practice notes will be very much appreciated.

Java is not the same deal as SWF.
In the help, we have support for simple CLASS files. JAR files may be treated differently by the Java Runtime machine.
Unfortunately, there is nothing to do, except trying with CLASS files and not JAR.

Thank’s for reply. SWF+HTML EXECUTABLE works like a charm. So I am going to use flash.