Using Paquet Builder PBCmdCompiler in a gitlab CI/CD Pipeline

As stated I’m building my installer in a Gitlab-Runner (pwsh).
I can’t use pbpx binary files, as they have no usable version history. So I implemented it with pdp text based configuration with some try and error using this documentation: About Directive Files - Paquet Builder Documentation
Now I’m stuck with the following things.

  1. The installer is in english. I need it in german.
  2. I want to always overwrite all files when installing. There is an option I can set in the GUI for pdpx files but not in the ini-Style pdp file.

Everything else works like a charm, nice Markdown based welcome pages, Icons, codesigning but those two things I have no clue.

I’d be very thankful for a solution, thanks for reading.

Start an empty project file, modify the settings so that German is added and files are overwritten. Then, save the project as a PBPX file. In your PDP directive file, use this project as a template. General => ProjectTemplate: if you would like to use an existing project and modify its parameters, then specify the full path to this project file. Paquet Builder will open it first, read all of these settings, then it will perform the changes indicated by the directive file and finally optionally compile the package. This property is useful if you wish to create similar packages but with different components, files or parameters.

Hope it will be useful.

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Thank you for your answer. I feared that. I hate to add binaries to my git repos. To alter that binary file a developer hast to manually start Paquet Builder and create that file or it must be held as an external artefact.
Don’t get it wrong, your products are amazing, but the Microsoft Ecosystem isn’t.
Case closed, ticket too.

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