V2019 Hanging When Compile


Looks like you have a line in red in the compilation log. Do you use TEST mode?


No, not using test mode. That makes huge EXE. You are seeing

  • CEF Developer Tools: Enabled (including Remote Debugging on port 9000):


Come on…
What operating system are you using? is up to date.
Tested with another operating system? Win10.

Are you executing the program as an administrator? if yes uncheck or tick

I had some mistakes in the beginning (with the new version, not the last since my maintenance ended) I had to recreate my project.

Do a simple project and test the compilation, does it work with simple projects? if yes we have something in your code that is giving conflict with exeoutput.

I do not advise cloning the projects, I know that it is taking time to redo more is better than a lot of headache.

Good luck.



Windows 10 Pro. Always up to date.

Never run as admin.

Nothing in code stopping, or at least should not hang. NEVER happened on SAME code since V2 of EXEOut. Simple PHP with CKEditor and Bootstrap

I am using same exact code been using since V1.7 and has always worked. I installed V2019.0 and this all started. Only thing changed on my end is V2019.0.


We can close this issue. Have converted project back to VB. No need in going on with this. Seems I am the only person having issue so let’s just forget and move on.

Thanks to all for their input.


@ oldteacher
Do you have local Google font files in your project? Someone reported that Google fonts caused hangs in compilation and without them it worked again.


Not directly, but now that you ask using bootstrap.css and seems like they do the @import url method. Pretty sure bootswatch does same thing on some of their themes.

Since seem to hang many times on bootstrap related files, just may be the issue.

Never thought about that since never happened in older versions of EXEOut.


Finally got time to test the hanging some more.

If I remove the @import calls to google fonts, exeout seems to move right along. Tested on some older exeout projects that I had to move to visual studio and 99% sure the issue is with google fonts.

Hopefully this issue is now solved.


There may be a bug within the compression routine when processing these fonts or imports. Still, we are unable to reproduce sadly…


I just came across another hang. Compile did eventually resume after long pause. The file it hung on was “.gitkeep”. Notice the “.” and no file extension. Maybe this could be part of problem?

I do use GitHub for Educators a lot, so thought would bring this up. Maybe files like this issue?


The user who reported the same problem said that it was because he had duplicate files in the File Manager. Could you check if this is the case for you too?


I can say without doubt that there are duplicate files. Use “modules” to drop into root and they can contain duplicate files names even though different “modules” (what I am calling “modules” are just folders with php/htm). When I teach classes on building software, we use “modules”.

Do this with EXEOut the same as with VB, Node and others. Huge time saver and done on many school campuses that use VB and node.

This method taught at every confernece I do (speak to around 500 or so teachers a year). So not much I can do about that except not use EXEOut:(