Vba compiler code don’t work

Like I said in my last topic I have one more question / problem with the xls padlock, this time is with the vba compiler Knob.
I tried to compile for practice the exact procedure that you did in your you-tube video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pSSvBXm6Cg4 , I did it step by step and I keep getting an error massages. I tried to reinstall the xls padlock but it still doesn’t work.

What should I do ?

thank you

Do not use any parameter type such as integer in your compiled VBA code (replace with variant for instance):

We’re investigating the issue and we’ll release a fix ASAP.

Thanks for answer

I change it to variant, 2 file’s, same code, 2 diffrent error’s

A new build which should fix the problem is available. Are you OK to test it?

no problem at all.

Great. I’ll send you the download link by PM when the upload is complete.

You should have received the links by PM. Thank you

OK, I will be here, :+1:

Did you get the new build?

yes, I’m happy to say that it’s working.

but, 2 things please:

  1. after I create an EXE file, the system produces 3 file’s. what are those file’s ? can I delete them, and the functionality will not be damaged ?

  2. generally, in all of those test’s, I create a lot of EXE file’s, and when I’m try to delete them, they can’t be deleted, only after I reload my PC, any solution ?


Great, thank you.

  1. They are local files for XLS Padlock, do not share them with your EXE file. You shouldn’t delete them because they contain your project settings and VBA code to be compiled.

  2. Make sure all Excel instances are closed because the EXE file will wait for Excel to close. Otherwise, it remains locked by the OS.