VBA Compiler - Debugger exposes secret strings

I tested my compiled workbook on different machines with different configurations to see how it behaves. The workbook works well on most of testing machines, one failed. That’s ok to me since the failure is just because the machine is missing some components, BUT the there is an issue happened with the VBA compiler where I saved my secret strings to tie the DLL module into the compiled workbook - the debugger of the XLSPadlock VBA compiler kicked in and exposed all my secret strings in plain texts though I had tried to hide them by using some old tricks ie. using CHR() function to replace the strings combined with whatever encryption techniques. Please see attached screenshot.

The debugging information is helpful as it helps to pin down where the errors are, BUT I really don’t want it to show the STACK CONTENT as it fails the security of my workbook.

Is there anyway to prevent the stack content from showing up, And/Or totally turn off the debugger?

By the way, I really want to have an extra security layer by using the dongle as mentioned in my earlier post. Please let me know when it is available as my project is being stuck at this point.

Sure, we’ll add an option to hide debugger verbose. It will be included in next minor update.