VBA Security Question

Hi. I’m new to XLS Padlock. If I compile, having hidden the VBA via Padlock, why would there be a need to take any further steps to secure the VBA project? Also, given that Padlock “greys out” the Unprotect feature on individual sheets and the Options facility under File in Excel, is my work secure anyway, as it can’t be unprotected or the formats etc changed by a user, other than via the VBA within my own macros?

Thanks for the help, ansd sorry for the convoluted question!



The VBA compiler is the best security option for VBA. But you are not forced to use it: it’s up to you. XLS Padlock already locks several common Excel features as you said. With the VBA compiler, your VBA code is no more in the Excel’s workbook but inside the secure EXE file. So that, if someone could gain access to your workbook, they would not find the VBA code.