Version 2 Beta - external datase locked for writing

I set up version 2 exactly as I did version 1 for my php files and an external database. On version 1, it opens and updates to the database perfectly, defining a virtual data path with the database in it (sqllite). Following the same procedure in version 2 … I am reading the database just fine, so I know the connectivity is there, but an attempt to write to it gives me an error message that the database is locked. Any ideas?

It’s not the same SQLite extension as in V1.7, maybe there are new restrictions in recent versions?

Thanks. I have not been able to test this because of being blocked by the other error message in my other post (no file specified) for the virtual index.php file.

When (if) I get that one cleared up, how can I research v.1.7 of the SQLite extension to see if there is some restriction blocking me writing to the database?



See the documentation of SQLite or search for the error message you got on Google.