Versions and updates customers [SOLVED]

I could not find any documentation on this…

When distributed an application and I create a new version , how can end-users update to the new version?

Lets say I distributed a version and then I create a version

is there a way to automatically have all applications updated?
is it possible to incorporate a “check for updates” feature?

You could actually use the file_get_contents PHP function to download a simple XML or text file. This text file would contain something like the last version number of your application. Then, it compares this value to the one compiled inside the application. If the value is different, then it means there is a new version on the website.
You could then show a message box to inform your end user thanks to HEScript or start downloading the file…

Thank you, that will work.

We have been looking for this but please can you give us an example and documentation on how to do this. We need to notify our users of new update or when they check for update. Please kindly help us with steps on how to do this and script examples. Thanks

I did it with an HTTP and FTP Server

If the App is starting, he checks the last Version from HTTP
If an Update is available i inform the User if he want the Update, the app download a “appupdate.exe” and he is downloading the new version.