Very strange bug (with portable version e/o exodisableF5)

I found a very strange bugs. If a simple application with only html (no js, css not only a field and compile in portable USB version, it happens that in the input field does not make me type the letters t (only t lowercase).
The same problem occurs if the first input field I enter:
exo_setglobalvariable (‘exodisableF5’, ‘1’, true);

Only with trident, with chrome okay

Which version of ExeOutput are you using?

version 1.7

What is your locale? US English? And your keyboard?

Italian but considers that the bug occurs with all

any news? Solutions?

When did you call this exactly? It must be called before the faulty HTML page is displayed (for instance, in the homepage)?

yes sure, i call exodisableF5 before all html code. I have a php page for boot operation (startAppl.php) and it’s here that i put the exodisableF5.

Actually it reminded me about an old problem. I think you shouldn’t use exodisableF5 but another variable as explained in this topic: