Visual controls by command line - SOLVED


I need to generate to many .Exe files with different sources, and always must be disabled the check “visible” for:

  • Menu bar
  • Status bar
  • Tool bar
    In the Visual controls. (Application Settings - Visual Controls - Menu Bar - Visible = false)

I have thinking in create a file with a settings to the bulk process. i read you can do something like this:
HEBUILD.EXE “c:\mywork\myproject\myproject.hepx”

But I have not found the param to set the items above.

Can you help me?

Thanks a lot!

You could create a template project with hidden menu, status and toolbars. Then you change files and other basic properties thanks to Directives. Read this page:

ProjectTemplate is what you need.

Thankz a lot!

I thought that I needed change by command line but, I have discovered that I just need a template!


only I should check the options and save him.

It’s Worked fine.