VLOOKUP from another compiled sheet


I have two compiled files. One of them is a master file where Item Info is stored and can work independently.

The other is a Cost Calculator with recipes for cosmetic products that retrieves the ingredient info from the Master file.

The Costing file can be saved per customer, but must always refer back to the Master file. Both of the files have coding in and I therefore had to compile both.

Is there a way to link these?

You can use the Companion Files feature of XLS Padlock: search in our user guide

Thank you for the feedback. I have looked at the guide under 5.1.6 Add Companion Files, but it does not help me. I have one of two options, but cannot figure out how to do either:

  1. Vlookup from one .exe file to the other.
  2. Upon opening the Calculations.exe, it automatically opens the Master.exe, copies and pastes data into the Calculations.exe and closes the Master.exe.

The two linked workbook files must be compiled into the same EXE. Otherwise, this won’t work. Or you can compile one EXE and keep the other workbook external (unprotected) and open it programmatically with VBA, so that VLookup works.

The problem is as follows:

The Master file has all ingredients listed. It has a matrix where different suppliers’ prices are listed and it pulls the cheapest supplier through. Lots of coding is involved.

The Cost Calculator file is for costing of Finished Products for different customers. (the Cost Calculator is saved per customer and has many recipes per customer. Each recipe is on its own sheet in the workbook and pulls through to one sheet where the overhead costs, bulk costs and packaging costs are calculated).
To do this, it needs to pull the Master Data through to get the ingredient prices.

I cannot put Master Data on the Cost Calculator file, as the end user would have to update every customer’s workbook manually, which defeats the whole purpose of the program.

The sole solution would be relying on a third unprotected workbook file where you store the data to be shared between the two workbooks. Unfortunately, this can involve a lot of modifications to your existing system.

That’s not a bad idea… It shouldn’t be too hard to work around.

Only question now is, can I link the same unprotected workbook to both compiled files at once? This will actually work perfectly if I can.

Thank you so much for your assistance!

Do not see a reason why you could not.