Warning Message at the beginning of an install

Hi @gdgsupport,

Is there a way to make a big gaudy flashy popup prior to people installing new version of an excel application (xls padlock application). Such as a messagebox or something to warn them:

“WARNING: Did you perform a backup on your previous version of XYZ Application? If not, please exit this installer and open previous version to perform a backup…”

Then they can ignore it and continue or exit and perform backup as needed prior to installing and overwriting their program.


Thanks! PS I love your software!!!


Sure, you can do it with a custom action to show a message box:

  • Add a custom action “Show a message box” to the Initialization event:

  • Configure the properties

  • Compile your project and run it. See the result:

Dude! Did I mention I love this software and it’s amazing support team. You freaking rock, @gdgsupport!!!



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