Way to lock external exe files? - SOLVED

Is there a way to prevent external exe files from being opened directly? In other words to only be opened by EXEOut link?

Figure not but certainly worth asking:)


PS: any news on V2 coming out of beta?

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Did not make my question clear, or is this something being avoided?


This is something you can evently only do on your own computer by changing the default program that open exe file. But it is not something i will adwice you to do.
Now, if you want to use Exoutput to open an exe file you can create and use the follwing procedure in UserMain HEscript:

First, `put the exe file you want to open in Data Folder of the Exoutput software your create, you can for example create a folder named “addon”;

Then create the following procedure:

procedure RunProgram(Filepath: String);
ProgramPath, MyProgram: String;
ProgramPath := GetGlobalVar(“HEPHPDataPath”, “”);
MyProgram := ProgramPath + Filepath;
MyProgram := ReplaceString(MyProgram, “&”, “/”);
RunAProgram(MyProgram, “”, ProgramPath, false, SW_SHOWNORMAL);

Then you must create the link in a page to automatly open your exe, for exemple in php.
We suppose that your exe file is in addon folder you created:

$storage = exo_getglobalvariable(‘HEPHPDataPath’, ‘’);
exo_runhescriptcom(“UserMain.RunProgram|addon&exe-path&exe-name.exe”, “Error”);

In exo_runhescriptcom, you must replace / with &.in your exe-path.

Hope this help.

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It can’t be done by your ExeOutput application directly. The sole way is to modify the external EXE files so that they can run only if some command-line parameter is given by the ExeOutput application.
For instance something like:
if you run EXTERNAL.EXE it will throw an error
if you run EXTERNAL.EXE mysecretcommand it will be OK.

ExeOutput is able to run EXE files and pass command-line parameters.

Thank you @Gilmichel and @gdgsupport.

@gdgsupport If the external file being opened is created by EXEout is there way to do this when building?

Need some way to prevent students from running software out of order. Any input be greatly appreciated.

Sure, for ExeOutput, you can do this:

Copy/paste this code in UserMain script:

function OnPubLoaded: Boolean;
// When the application is starting.
// Set Result to True if you want to exit immediately without any warning.
If paramStr(1) <> “SECRET” then
Result := True;

Result := False;

Then it works like this:

If you pass SECRET in command line, then the EXE opens. Otherwise, it starts and closes.
Feel free to add a message box if you want to warn your users.

Thank you, very good information. So much one can do with EXEOut:)

The way I am opening the eternal exe files is via links/buttons (sometime menu bar). Use ajax to show button which opens external exe:


So I would just use this instead?

heopenext://assets/mathtest1.exe SECRET

Thanks again for your help.

Have successfully locked the external exe with your method. Now I cannot get the external exe to run from menu button using:

heopenext://assets/mathtest1.exe SECRET

Have also tried:

procedure MacroExecuteProgram(filename: String);
 EbookPath, MyProgram: String;
 EbookPath := GetGlobalVar("HEPublicationPath", "");
 MyProgram := EbookPath + "assets/mathtest1.exe SECRET";  
 RunAProgram(MyProgram, "", EbookPath, false, SW_SHOWNORMAL);

Then using UserMain.macroexecuteprogram in the HEScript Function.

Failing miserably :slight_smile:

Here you go:

Open UserMain and paste this:

procedure MyExecuteProgram(filename: String; params: String);
 EbookPath, MyProgram: String;
 EbookPath := GetGlobalVar("HEPublicationPath", "");
 MyProgram := EbookPath + "assets\" + filename;  
 RunAProgram(MyProgram, params, EbookPath, false, SW_SHOWNORMAL);

Then use links as this one:


As you can see, the function has two parameters. So we pass them separated by |

The code above also supposes that all EXE files are in the assets subfolder. This can be changed the way you want of course.

@gdgsupport Perfect, thank you!