Web hosting plans that support online activation and Woocommerce kit

There are numerous hosting providers out there and I’m totally confused with their plans and I’m not really sure which one works with XLS Padlock kits. Any suggestions would be highly appreciated.

We use OVH.com for hosting demos of XLS Padlock so, at least, we know that XLS Padlock kits will work with this hosting provider.

I use InMotion Hosting, their cheapest plan. I had to sign up for 3 years to get the best price, but I got it for 3 years for less than $100. It includes a free basic SSL certificate for the site as well as unlimited space, pages, and email addresses.

Setting it up has been pretty confusing to me, but their support team is very good.

Just switched from a free web hosting to SiteGround in order to make my Woocommerce Kit works.