Web Update Utility

Hello Guys, I have bought license of Exeoutput (1 year before ) whose license was valid till 31st march 2019.
So just now I am trying to download the Web Update Utility, it first checks for the update and then It says that 2019.1 is available for download, but I am eligible for 2019.0

I want MySQL support to my applications, but it keep on says to update to latest version.
How can i update to latest version when my subscription is till 2019.0 ?

Unfortunately, our web update utility only works each time with the latest version of ExeOutput published. However, we keep on our servers the files that correspond to older versions. For example, you can download the MySQL package for ExeOutput 2019 at the following address:

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OKay, can you please tell me how to install these files ?
Also i need to place Adminer too, to access it, can i upload adminer.php to make it working ?
or any other method ?

Just unpack them to the ExeOutput folder (there should be an empty folder for MySQL).
Adminer.EXE is just a stand-alone version of Adminer.php that we compiled with ExeOutput. You can compile it yourself too.
Of course, the best is to keep your ExeOutput up-to-date and renew your maintenance :wink: