Web Update via OneDrive?

Any way web update for distribution of an exe file can be done via onedrive? If so how do I properly fill in the areas that are required in the picture with onedrive?

The Web Update requires update files to be directly accessible for download: you have to provide a direct URL. I’m unsure whether it’s the case with OneDrive.
Do you have your own website?

My product is being downloaded by users via SendOwl & I can update them with product.

I do have a website which is hosted by Wix.

Does WiX allow you to upload custom files such as .CAB?

I have no idea

Okay so no warnings for downloading the file on a Windows 32 when I built the distribution file with Paquet Builder.

However now I am getting this error after everything is downloaded. Why is this?


I don’t know what the below problem. However the EXE file was downloaded & also the workbook program was able to open when I clicked okay and then personally selected the exe file icon on the desktop

You certainly mixed 32-bit and 64-bit EXE files. For instance, on a 32-bit Windows, you can’t run 64-bit EXE files. Please verify the bitness of your Windows.