WebUpdate doesn't seem to be working [SOLVED]

I’ve just updated to v2.1 after fully uninstalling the old version but the app can’t seem to access the webupdate URL to install the XP kit etc… here’s a screenshot of the issue:

Any clues?
Actually, fixed it now, it was that damn Sygate Firewall again… had to completely stop it. For some reason just disabling it by putting it in “Allow All” mode isn’t enough for exeoutput (or any exe’s created with it). Really weird, it works fine for other apps that have to access the net, but not exeoutput. I guess it must be leaving some security elements enabled - although it never shows any notification that it’s blocking anything… hmm… oh well, I’ll be on to Win7 or 10 soon, it’s about time!!

Really weird indeed. ExeOutput doesn’t do anything except retrieving RSS feeds (or for the Web Update, download packages and the INF control file). Maybe Sygate dislikes some internal components?