Welcome to G.D.G. Software Forum

Welcome to the G.D.G. Software Forum

The forum’s main goal is to talk about our software products available at https://www.gdgsoft.com. Everyone can get support from other community members and official staff.

Our products include HTML Executable - ExeOutput for PHP - Paquet Builder - XLS Padlock - GConvert - GSplit - AniTuner - CHM To Exe - EPub to App.

To get started, all you need is an account. If you don’t have one, go to gdgsoft.com, choose Don’t have an account? Signup Now » and create an account for free in minutes. Otherwise, log in to start exchanging.

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congratulations to your new forum!

Just out of curiosity: Will the posts from the old forum been imported to this one?
(I mean there is/was a lot of knowledge to be found)

Regards, Sarah

Thank you!

Sure, we’re also working on that. We don’t want to lose more than 4000 messages.
However, it’s taking time because databases are not the same exactly and we must handle conversion manually.

Forum, Upgrade and other Suggestions:

I originally started, the below, when I first seen the forums changed. I decided to send it as is even after reading the old data was going to be converted. Personally, I feel there should have been some advance notification of the new forum being installed and I’m rather disappointed that the forums will cause further delays with pending updates/upgrades.

I have a suggestion. Bring back the old forum in a read only format, if the old posts can’t be converted into the new format. This will allow the users to search the old posted data.

  1. There is a lot of undocumented information in the old forum software that would help a lot of your users, especially the new potential users that you want as customers.

  2. When checking out any new software, programs, etc. I always check out the Support page, which includes FAQs, information and forums, forums is definitely a plus. The amount of activity on the forums also provides, how popular the software is. Normally, if there is no support tab or the forums looks like a ghost town, I normally keep on going, regardless of how good the software is or supposed to be.

  3. Specify what is needed with new posts, include program, program version, mode, IE or viewer, and sample code to reproduce the problem. In some cases, they may need to add what OS is having an issue.

I’ve went and looked at a couple of sites with the new software that has plenty of posts to get the feel of what it is all about, since it is pretty new. I see some added benefits from it but I feel it is a step backwards, if you lose all the old posts. Like I had stated, there is a lot of undocumented information in the old forum, that is not on the website or in the documentation. A user could have links for both forums on the Favorites Bar.

Timed Updates:

Also, I want to suggest timed updates, whether they are quarterly or semi-yearly. Each product could be staggered. I’m sure I’m not the only one that has been waiting on the HE 4.7 release. I had seen that some things have been fixed in version 4.7 but no release dates. We are rapidly nearing a year since the last update. There are some users that are needing the bug fixes for their customers and clients. I would prefer less fixes with a timed update period. Less fixes also provides faster test times for your users. I have also seen a couple of items that was broken between versions.

It would be nice to have a space on the forum or on the website which includes the “todo” list of fixes that are being worked on or considered so we can see the timeline and that it has not been forgotten. Also, new features could be added so we can see the direction of the software. I wouldn’t expect dates on new potential features.

I really like the HTML Executable and I have considered purchasing, the EXEOutput, for other projects, but my biggest concern, is the lack of timely fixes and updates. Regardless, how good the software is, it is only as good as the support behind it.

I welcome any questions or comments, on the above.


Thank you for your interesting feedback. We’ll try this year to offer more frequent updates, like we are doing with our XLS Padlock software.

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